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Kemp: Georgia Senate runoff results are going to 'set the course for the future of our country'

David Rutz
Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp laid out the consequences of Tuesday’s Peach State Senate runoffs in stark terms Monday, saying the results would „set the course for...
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Loeffler, Perdue trying to balance GOP intraparty differences, Ex-Schumer aide says

Charles Creitz
Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, R-Ga., are engaging in political gymnastics to try to stay aligned with their party’s Senate leadership and the White House...
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Rep. Buck: Mueller set 'precedent' that demands Hunter Biden special counsel

Charles Creitz
House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Ken Buck said Thursday that he is disappointed Attorney General Bill Barr refused to name a special counsel to investigate...
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Gen. Jack Keane: Biden must be 'willing to confront the Chinese Communist Party'

Charles Creitz
New reports confirm China lied about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, making the question of how the incoming Biden administration will hold Beijing accountable an urgent one,...
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Fauci responds to critics of Christmas message: 'You don't have to cancel things' but 'be careful'

Charles Creitz
White House coronavirus taskforce member Dr. Anthony Fauci responded Thursday to critics who have claimed he wants to „cancel Christmas” on account of the coronavirus pandemic....
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Sen. Johnson blasts Sen. Peters after election fraud hearing dustup

Charles Creitz
Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said that his committee hearing fireworks with Ranking Member Gary Peters, D-Mich., were based on the fact Peters...