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41d9bd0c-cb7a-5848-ad2d-3d96b48075ba article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/newsedge/sports fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics fox-news/politics/executive fox-news/politics/executive/white-house fox-news/sports/ncaa fox-news/sports/ncaa-bk fox-news/sports/ncaa-fb fox-news/us/education/college fox-news/us/military/veterans Houston Keene Politics

Biden nominee made millions at NCAA while arguing against paying players

Houston Keene
President Biden’s nominee for deputy secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) made nearly millions at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) while arguing...
166fb0e3-ff35-5007-89c9-d42a910541ee article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/health/infectious-disease/coronavirus fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics Paul Steinhauser Politics

Biden's COVID warning: Unvaccinated 'will end up paying the price'

Paul Steinhauser
President Biden highlighted on Monday that for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic swept the nation early last year, cases of COVID-19 „are down...
80af2709-a4f2-56ee-9318-5e533db7d40e article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/health/infectious-disease/coronavirus fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/special/20th-anniversary/advertisements fox-news/topic/back-to-school fox-news/us/economy/labor-unions fox-news/us/education/teachers fox-news/us/school-reopening-plans Houston Keene Politics

$1M ad campaign accuses Biden of working with dark money, teachers unions, to keep schools closed

Houston Keene
EXCLUSIVE: A government accountability group is launching a $1 million advertisement campaign against President Biden and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) after...
a3372705-5ebe-5b82-a013-18403e894298 article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/health/infectious-disease/coronavirus fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/world/world-regions/china Morgan Phillips Politics

GOP members press Biden, DNI Haines for more information on COVID lab leak theory

Morgan Phillips
Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee have written letters to President Biden and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines demanding information on the origin...
6f6dfa0a-f09a-55cf-ac3b-89ba2222958f article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics fox-news/us/economy fox-news/us/economy/inflation Jon Street Politics

Jimmy Carter 2.0: Biden's bundle of crises look increasingly like 1970s

Jon Street
„Joe Biden is the new Jimmy Carter.”  That’s the comparison being made by Republican lawmakers and conservative commentators as the Biden administration confronted a series...
15bc3d14-8a13-5596-ac9a-ea27696bb203 article Brie Stimson fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/us/crime fox-news/us/environment/cities fox-news/us/portland fox-news/us/terror/vandalism fox-news/us/us-protests fox-news/us/us-regions/west/oregon Politics

Portland mayor 'grateful' for Biden reversal of Trump order that sent federal agents to city amid protests

Brie Stimson
Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler said Saturday he was grateful for the White House’s „support” after President Biden reversed a Trump administration order that allowed...
53af001b-7187-5994-9307-13ae75375ca2 article Dom Calicchio fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics/biden-executive-orders fox-news/politics/executive fox-news/us/us-protests Politics

Biden kills Trump plan for ‘American heroes’ sculpture garden: report

Dom Calicchio
President Biden on Friday put an end to a plan by former President Trump to create a „National Garden of American Heroes.” Biden rescinded a...
article cc70ab48-e511-5181-a4da-b72339a3a8f6 fnc fnc/politics Fox News Fox News Staff fox-news/media fox-news/media/fox-news-flash fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics fox-news/shows/watters-world Politics

Jesse Watters: This week, all Biden's terrible decisions caught up with him

Fox News Staff
„Watters’ World” host Jesse Watters slammed the Biden administration Saturday, saying the president is „politically wounded 100 days in,” and „doesn’t have a clue how...
54fc73ba-19ba-5393-8d76-fd2584a3e006 Adam Shaw article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics/executive/white-house fox-news/us/congress fox-news/us/crime/police-and-law-enforcement Kelly Laco Politics

Biden, in Police Week statement, talks of 'deep sense of distrust' toward cops from Black Americans

Adam Shaw
President Biden is marking Police Week with a statement that includes language about the „deep sense of distrust” toward cops by Black and brown Americans...
53f9589c-66fd-55c5-944e-0b99f17900be article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics/judiciary fox-news/politics/justice-department fox-news/politics/senate Politics Tyler Olson

Biden DOJ nominee Kristen Clarke walks back attacks on senators, Kavanaugh amid contentious confirmation

Tyler Olson
Kristen Clarke, President Biden’s nominee to the assistant attorney general for civil rights in the Justice Department, walked back her past criticism of multiple moderate...